Hi, I'm Misael Taveras

I'm a FrontEnd Engineer from the Dominican Republic.

I enjoy working with React, TypeScript, and Node.

Read more about me here .

I also write a blog

There you'll find articles about porgramming, and sowftware, but also soft skilss like communication, productivity and learning.

My end goal is to help people learn new things, and I do that by writing about the things I learn.

Understanding Jest Snapshots

Jest, created by Facebook, is a testing framework for react that brings with it a powerful but mysterious tool; That is why it is sometimes feared, ignored or misused.

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Working with diferent teams and people, I've had the opportunity to learn a lot from them. Here are some of the things they've said about me.

I think he is an excellent colleague, friend and professional. We have had the opportunity to collaborate on projects and share specific knowledge. That is why I can say that until now, I have not met a developer as charismatic, enthusiastic and creative as Misael.

Adrían Tejeda Infra Specialist @ TransUnion

During more than ten years of working, I became part of various teams with people with bad attitudes, irresponsible, and uncommitted; I also had the pleasure of collaborating with unique people like Misael Taveras. I can say that Misael is dedicated to constantly improving and working as a team. He is always clear about his responsibilities.

Daniel Then Technical Lead @ GBH

He is exceptional as a co-worker. His knowledge and skills in the area are pretty solid. He has a remarkable ability to teach. Misael worries about his team. He continues to be my mentor in my personal and professional projects, and he supports my ideas unconditionally.

Efraín Peralta Founder @ Turnly

Without a doubt, Misael is synonymous with good work. Much of my personal/professional growth has been thanks to Misael. My way of seeing, thinking, and analyzing each line of code and my enormous passion for Software Engineering is the reflection of someone who has been my mentor without realizing it.

Giancarlos Castillo Senior FrontEnd @ Virtual Mind

Misael is a very talented engineer. He is very good at what he does and he is always willing to help others. He is a great team player and a great person to work with. /s

GitHub Copilot Pair progamming buddy

Working with Misael has been an honour. He is a person who analyzes the situation and always tries to find the best solution without fear of trying new technologies. He is one of the best FrontEnd developers I have enjoyed working with. He has taught me a lot.

José Varona Senior Engineer @ Thinksurance

Excellent coworker and person. Always concerned that things go well, Misael is the kind of partner who does everything possible so that everyone is on the same page and doing what matters. He always focuses on giving the best of himself and delivering high-quality results.

Vyzaldy Sánchez Senior Engineer @ Chainlink Labs

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